Seasonal Depression (also known as SAD) is a type of depression that’s related to changes in the seasons . For most people who experience SAD, symptoms may start in the fall and continue into the winter months. Symptoms may include: low energy, trouble sleeping, oversleeping, weight changes, appetite changes, and difficulty concentrating. Some internal factors that may effect SAD include: circadian rhythm (your body clock), serotonin levels, melatonin levels. The decrease in sunlight is the major factor in seasonal depression that disrupts your body’s internal clock and leads to feelings of depression. The reduced sunlight also causes your serotonin(neurotransmitter that affects mood) levels to drop.

Here are some ways you can fight seasonal depression:

  1. Daily nature sessions: Whether it be a short walk or just sitting outdoors. Get outside!
  2. Get Cozy: Keep that fuzzy blanket and puffy coat at the ready!
  3. Natural Light Exposure: Get out of those poorly lit rooms or invest in natural light boxes!
  4. Get some plants: Take care of some plants and they’ll take care of you!
  5. Be social: Whether it be in person, Zoom, facetime, phone call, or texting– stay in touch with your friends!
  6. Meditate: Set aside 10-15 minutes a day to gather your thoughts and unwind!

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