Size does matter when talking about condom size. However, size and pleasure are not directly linked. Size is a conversation you should have with your partner; they know their body best and communicate what feels good. Many condom users complain that their condom is too tight, slips around or bunches up. If this is the case, your condom may not be protecting you from STI and STDs to the fullest extent.

Condoms that are sold in stores only fit 12% of users! With large condoms, manufacturers increase the length but don’t consider girth. It makes sense that many users complain about condoms, but we must remember they are an important piece of safer sex.

For proper protection from STI and STDs, condoms should not slip or fall off, and be snug around the penis, but not too tight where the wearer feels discomfort. Length wise, the condom should fully cover the erection base to tip, protecting from STIs that can be transmitted through skin-to-skin contact.

A condom that fits properly won’t interfere with sex, and won’t feel uncomfortable. Every penis is different, and since you wouldn’t buy clothes that are one-size-fits-all, you should find a condom size that fits you or your partner appropriately.

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