In college the phrase “you are what you eat” can feel more like ”you are what you have time to eat.” But even when you’re short on time, healthy choices at the dining hall can make all the difference in your mood, energy level, and all around wellness! Here are some tips for eating healthy at Babson:

1. More whole foods, less processed foods: Studies consistently show that those who eat more whole fruits, vegetables, legumes, grains, and seeds perform better and live longer without disease that those that consume less of these foods. Be on the lookout for these foods in Trim and Rey’s!

2. Get that oatmeal in: I know… a classic breakfast of bacon, eggs, and sausage is delicious. Oatmeal doesn’t look appealing but eating a bowl once per day has amazing health benefits and has proven to have heart healthy effects.

3. “Do you even tofu?”: Beans, tempeh, and tofu are plant foods with a very high protein content. They also have zero cholesterol, low solid fat, and a high density of vitamins and minerals. Try out Meatless Mondays to switch it up from animal protein!

4. Fiber up! Did you know that 97% of Americans don’t eat enough fiber?! Fiber is essential for digestive health, healthy levels of cholesterol and blood sugar, and it also helps to keep us full. Yet, the average American eats less than half of the daily requirement! You can increase fiber in your diet by eating beans, lentils, broccoli, peas, chickpeas, apples, and pears.

5. Eat your colors: An easy way to add variety to your plate is to consume at least three different colored fruits and vegetables per day. Food of different colors = foods with richness in different micronutrients.

6. Switch to whole grain: Next time you order a sandwich or a wrap at Trim or Rey’s, ask for whole-grain bread instead of white or wheat. It’s the only type of bread that doesn’t lose its micronutrients through the production process and it tastes almost the same.

7. Healthy snacking: Fruits are nature’s candy and nuts are nature’s chips. Stock up on these for a long day of classes to snack on instead of junk food!


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