Recent inclement weather has brought an abundance of snow to our beloved campus. Besides having to dig your car out of several feet of powder, there is much fun to be had.

Babson’s entrepreneurial talent shines with the ET&A our students exhibit. You can join our campus architects building snowmen and igloos, or the daredevils showcasing their skills at the popup ski jump behind Reynolds. You also may spot students who have come from warmer climates staying within the comforts of their room drinking hot chocolate. Watch out on your trek to trim, as an unexpected snowball will certainly hit your back. If there is nothing that makes you happy when it snows, an impromptu snowball fight will surely change that.

Take a break from the books and ball out before all the snow melts away! However, if you miss it this time, there is more snow on the radar coming soon! Take a fresh check and engage in some silly snow activities to boost your wellbeing! Peace, Love, POW!