I love to eat. Everything. Rather – almost everything. I don’t like vegetables. I do not know why because I am willing to try almost any kind of foreign food, but there is something about the idea of sitting down to a big plate of vegetables that just turns me off. I’m also an athlete, and I have a family riddled with health issues, so I know the importance of having a good, balanced diet. This year I decided instead of choking down another bowl of steamed spinach, or exclusively eating the only vegetable I actually enjoy, broccoli, I would be creative in how I get my veggies in. Here are some different ways to get your three to five of vegetables that are sure to please any picky eater! If you don’t like leafy greens, try them in a smoothie! You can put almost anything in a smoothie so be creative in how you mask the greens! I like hiding spinach under delicious bananas and berries with some skim milk. Another trick is to hide veggies in dips. While not technically considered a vegetable dip, guacamole is delicious on carrots and raw broccoli. Avocados, the base of guacamole, are also a brain boosting food, so this is the perfect snack for midterms study sessions! Another easy one you might already be doing is sneaking veggies in sandwiches and soups or on top of pizza! The important thing to remember is all veggies are not the same! While you may not like spinach, you might love carrots or peppers. Try different kinds, and try them often. Just because you gave mushrooms the stink eye when you were 5 doesn’t mean they won’t be your favorite now.