This summer a lot of work has been done to spruce up Webster Athletic Center, including the introduction of more equipment and the revamping of some of the older equipment and facilities.

Both the Staake Gymnasium floor and the Farwell tennis courts have been resurfaced; you can use these spaces as long as the varsity teams are not using them! A great way to get involved and make sure you exercise is to join either a club or intramural sports team, which would also allow you to use these spaces. The Morse Swimming Center is also seeing a facelift, with repainted markings. Be sure to check this out during free swim hours!

The Lunder Fitness Center is also seeing some updates. A new set of low weight dumbbells have been added, as well as medicine balls, for those of you looking to build your upper body strength.

Most notably, the benches have been re-padded, which will be a welcome update to seasoned users of the weight room. The fitness center has also seen the addition of a new machine, the “Ab Coaster”which has three ways to work your abs and get you into tip top shape.

New to both the Lunder Fitness Center and the Chandor Dance Studio are Aero mats- ideal for abdominal work outs and stretching. Also new to the dance studio is a music system and flat screen TV. By the track a stretch machine has been added to help you ward off those sore muscles after a good work out.

As the semester gets going, be sure to stay healthy. Not only is physical health important, but going to the gym is a great way to release stress and take a productive break from work.