Community service and volunteer work has taken a turn since the beginning of the pandemic. Here are some ways you can keep busy and give back to your community in a virtual world: 

  • Donate Blood 
    • Why donate blood? Blood is essential for various medical procedures ranging in severity. A single blood donation can give one to four patients a better outcome, a chance at survival. You can donate here.
  • Donate Convalescent Plasma
    • Have you recovered from COVID-19? Convalescent plasma can contain antibodies to COVID-19, which can help people currently fighting the virus. You can donate here.
  • Search databases of volunteer projects
    • There are various sites, such as VolunteerMatch and Points of Light, that offer a database of various community service opportunities that cover a wide range of skills. These sites allow you to search for your local community and identify remote opportunities. 
  • Send virtual cards
    • While the COVID-19 pandemic has isolated people from their family and loved ones, sending a card to someone with words of encouragement can be very impactful. Sending a card to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital or Children’s Hospital Colorado are great ways to start. 

Remember that no act is too small! 

Interested in getting involved in community service on Babson’s campus? Sign up for the GIVE email list here or through the QR code! 

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