As we immerse ourselves in a new semester of studying and responsibilities, our self-reliance must increase. Students must act as their own motivators, and independently cope with the assignments and tasks they are given. Sometimes, this can feel lonely. It is normal for all of us to feel lonely from time to time. By being proactive and following these steps, you can help build social connectedness and simultaneously learn to enjoy being alone.

  1. Recognize what you are feeling
  2. Know that loneliness, to some degree, is normal
  3. Get involved with activities or organizations that are socially beneficial instead of work-heavy
  4. Change your routine up once in a while
  5. Make spontaneous plans with friends
  6. Keep track of your feelings; seek help when necessary
  7. Make time for activities that make you happy
  8. Initiate conversations with new people
  9. Practice self-love through yoga and/or meditation
  10. Be proud of your progress and your accomplishments thus far

The more you accept and love yourself, the easier it is to be independent. Overcoming loneliness can start with engaging with other peers, but the result of these tactics is truly rooted in the comfort level you have with yourself. Remember, the most important thing is to appreciate your unique being-– having a good relationship with yourself is key to maintaining a happy and healthy social life!