Everyone wants beautiful flawless skin, but its something that seems to allude many of us. Many of us feel like we are doing everything possible to avoid those less than appreciated breakouts but somehow we can still play connect the dots on our forehead. So here are some tips to help you reach your goal and hopefully the caption on your next Instagram selfie is #nofilter.

Know your skin type. How are you supposed to take care of skin you don’t understand? Get to know what your skin does not like many skin care products are formulated for specific categories. They include Dry skin is flaky, scaly, or rough. Oily skin is shiny, greasy, and may have big pores. Combination skin is dry in some spots (cheeks) and oily in others (forehead, nose, and chin). Sensitive skin may sting, burn, or itch after you use some makeup or other products.

Find a good moisturizer. You may think your skin is too oily — but all skin needs moisture. Moisturizers help keep your skin from drying out. Use it every day, no matter what skin type you have. Apply it while your skin is still damp from washing or rinsing to help seal in moisture. For oily skin try very light weight moisturizers so nothing with additional oils or butters (like cocoa or shea).

Wash your face twice a day. Washing your face more than twice a day will dry your face’s skin. However, you should always wash your face at night to get off all of the junk on your skin that accumulated during the day, and in the morning for the same reason.

Don’t wear makeup to bed. Sometimes it is hard to remember and some days you are too tired. But leaving makeup on your skin can clog your pores and cause acne. So use a gentle cleanser or makeup remover to wash it off. If you wear makeup often try using a toner, toners really help to get makeup out of the pores insuring cleaner skin. Also try giving your skin a break sometimes and skip the foundation.

Don’t Pick. I have the worst habit of picking at my pimples and trying to pop them. But all that does is leave scars and turns a very temporary problem into a long term problem. Picking leaves scars which are a lot more frustrating to deal with than a pimple. If treated properly a pimple can go away within days scars can be permanent.

Wash or change your pillow case often. Your pillow case can accumulate dirt and dead skin cells over time change it often to avoid night time breakouts.

Finally there is a lot more than just what you put on your face that causes acne. Stress also causes breakouts. Try to stress less and try to sleep more, exercise and practice better eating habits but ultimately your internal self reflects your external self.