About the Workshop

What types of barrier methods should two people with vulvas use? What do you do with a foreskin? Does liking _________ mean that I’m _________? Whether you’re confident in your sexuality or still figuring things out, mainstream sex ed probably hasn’t answered the questions you have about having sex, but that’s all going to change in this workshop. In this two-hour workshop, we’ll cover:

  • What you need to know about sexual health and wellness for LGBQ and trans folks
  • Where to find the sexual tools and toys that bring you euphoria
  • How to let go of sexual scripts and define pleasure for yourself
  • How LGBTQ+ inclusive sex ed benefits everyone, regardless of gender or sexual orientation

Online resources:

  1. Autostraddle’s Yes/No/Maybe list for sexy time
  2. We Should Try It’s Yes/No/Maybe quiz (digital) (assumes body parts = gender)
  3. MojoUpgrade’s Yes/No/Maybe quiz (digital) (assumes body parts = gender)
  4. UCSF’s PrEP Hub
  5. UCSF’s PEP Hub
  6. Dilating After Vaginoplasty (Naomi Rubin for Oh Joy Sex Toy)



Note: Most of these are Amazon links, but many of these books and zines can be found at Indie bookshops, on their publishers’ websites, and at some sex toy shops (including online)

  1. Trans Bodies, Trans Selves 
  2. Come As You Are 
  3. Healing Sex: A Mind-Body Approach to Healing Sexual Trauma (save 10% with code CUDenver)
  4. S.E.X., second edition 
  5. Our Bodies, Our Selves
  6. Fucking Trans Women zine 
  7. Girl Sex 101 (save 10% with code CUDENVER)
  8. Best Transgender Erotica (collection)
  9. Hung Juries: Testimonies of Surgery by Transsexual Men
  10. WPATH Standards of Care
  11. Getting It by Allison Moon
  12. I have a bunch of other books on my website, too (use CUDenver to save 10%)

A bunch of other things: 

  1. Find your nearest HIV testing location  
  2. Find your closest Planned Parenthood
  3. Find a poly-friendly therapist
  4. Find an LGBTQ-friendly doctor
  5. Anonymous STI notification service 
  6. ONE Condoms (Wide variety of sizes, colors, sensations, and styles, including their MyONE program. This is an affiliate link) 
  7. Lucky Bloke (condom sampler packs)
  8. Tea & Empathy cards by Kate Kenfield
  9. Know Your Rights: Trans Health Care (NCTE)
  10. Ordering PrEP via Nurx
  11. Find a trans-positive health provider
  12. MyTransHealth (directory)
  13. The Vaginismus Network

Toy Stores & the Like