September is Self-Improvement Month! Although this fall looks different, focusing on ourselves and our personal goals will help us cultivate resilience and gratitude as we adapt to changes. Self-improvement doesn’t have to mean a huge shift in our current habits; it can simply mean focusing on a single area that’s important to you This may be anything including sleep, exercise, study habits, eating, or even just trying something new to boost your mood. Here are some of our favorite ideas:

  • Put down your phone – challenge yourself to put your phone down when you are having meals with friends or family. One of the best ways to experience personal growth is to foster our relationships. Make the most of the few moments of non-virtual social interaction we get during these times!
  • Start a journal – Journaling is a great way to improve your self-awareness. Writing can be a great way to feel more connected with yourself as well as to free your mind of any thoughts and worries. Whether you start a physical journal or even write on the “Notes” app on your phone, writing is a great way to boost your emotional health.
  • Plan your weeks and weekends ahead of time – Using a calendar is a great way to help you stay on track with meetings and other responsibilities. Whether it’s a digital calendar or a physical one, keeping it on the “monthly view” can be helpful in giving you an overarching view of the month so you can plan your weeks ahead of time. Physically seeing all your responsibilities planned out can help eliminate a lot of mental stress and confusion and will help you maximize your free time!


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