For some of you, this is your first time away from home. So while you are here I’ll provide you with some helpful information about sex. Yes, I said it, sex! We all know it’s happening so why not make sure that everyone is being safe.

Here is some parental advice: condoms are 98% effective in preventing unintended pregnancies and STIs when used effectively. In order to use condoms effectively here are some condom don’ts:

  • Don’t leave condoms in hot places like your wallet or car. Cold places like the refrigerator are also a no go
  • Don’t use expired condoms
  • Don’t use a condom which out checking the package for holes or tears
  • Don’t use an internal and external condom at the same time
  • Don’t unroll the condom before putting it on a the erect penis
  • Don’t use oil based lubricants, instead use water-based lubricants. These are available for free in Health Services!
  • Don’t forget to leave room in the tip for semen. Simply pinch the tip of the condom when you unroll it