Most people don’t realize that regular summer clothing lets through a surprising amount of UV. In fact, the average white cotton tee-shirt offers just UPF 5 protection — a level that dermatologists would find inadequate. For those who detest the messiness of sunscreen, sun protection clothing is now introduced to the market. Though it looks just like a typical long sleeve shirt, good quality sun protection clothing typically covers a maximum amount of skin yet is designed to be cool and comfortable to wear. Sun protective clothing is also very reliable—providing consistent and constant UV protection. It does not fade or wear off during the day. In the long-run It is less expensive than sunscreen as the clothing is bought only once and will last many seasons or until outgrown. Clothing is rated for its level of UV protection according to an Ultra-violet Protection Factor or UPF. This is a similar rating to the SPF used with sunscreen except that it addresses UVA and UVB whereas SPF only refers to UVB. Most dermatologists recommend clothing with a UPF 30 or higher rating. According to American guidelines the highest rating is UPF 50+.