If you enjoy electronic dance music and/or have been to a music festival recently, chances are you’ve heard about/ seen/tried the drug Molly. As one of the fastest growing drug fads in the nation right now, this “Molly” character has more secrets than you’d think. Here are some facts that may prompt you to stop looking for Molly:

  • Molly is a synthetic drug, meaning it is manmade and altered in order to enhance the effect of naturally found chemicals.
  • Almost all of the chemicals found in Molly come from laboratories in China. From there, they are smuggled out to different parts of the world and laced with other chemicals by middlemen before hitting the market.
  • Manufacturers and synthesizers of Molly don’t usually know the effects of the chemicals that they lace the drug with. The new generation of 15-20 year olds has been nicknamed the “guinea pig” generation because of this.
  • Though Molly is thought to be “pure MDMA”, the DEA reports that only 13% of the Molly found in New York over the past four years has contained any MDMA at all. Nationally this stands at no more than 20%. You may instead be using bath salts (yes, the drug that makes you eat people’s faces) or even fertilizer.
  • The panic attacks, seizures, and high blood pressure caused by Molly have to be proven fatal on many occasions thus far. Even without severe reactions, Molly has been shown to cause long term issues to the kidneys and memory center of the brain.