When it comes to tobacco, there are many risks involved. Traditional cigarettes contain over 7,000 chemicals that have a high correlation to many cancers, diseases, and infections. Some people believe that e-cigarettes are less dangerous; however, their safety has not been fully studied and there are very limited quality control processes for the manufacturing of these products. On top of the many health risks that cigarettes cause, the financial risks are significant as well. The average cost of a pack of cigarettes is around $7, which results in around $2,550 spent on cigarettes throughout the year. However, these numbers depend on the state in which you live, with New York charging the most at around $13 a pack. On average, smokers pay between 16% to 41% higher insurance premiums as compared to non-smokers. More importantly, the choice to smoke does not only affect the individual but also the surrounding community. Second hand smoke is the process of transferring the chemicals of tobacco from one person to another in close proximity. This means that when you choose to smoke, anybody passing by is breathing in the same harsh chemicals. So, in regards to our campus, please be considerate to others. Remember that there is a proximity rule at Babson: you cannot smoke within 25 feet of any building on campus. As a community, we want to support personal choice, but we also want to consider how these choices can impact other students’ health and wellbeing.