Ahhhh, Bikini Bottom. Oh wait I mean Trim, the beautiful and food- filled metropolis at the entry of our rolling hills. While some of our Stall Street readers may find the offerings somewhat repetitive, one must also acknowledge how blessed we are to have access to a seemingly limitless supply of food options.

If the same-old options have you feeling stuck-in-the-box, try playing with your food! If we can work ETA into pretty much any course or activity here then why stop when we cross the double-door threshold into the food kingdom? Here are 8 of some of the most creative Trimovations I’ve heard of– admittedly tried and tested by yours truly on one particularly gluttonous Sunday afternoon.

  • Waffle maker grilled cheese (for weekends, when sandwich-making crew is on sabbatical)
  • Ice cream cookie sandwich (microwave cookies for maximum melty goodness)
  • Breakfast sandwiches/burritos (toast bread or bagel for a bacon egg and cheese!)
  • Smoothie cup with spinach, yogurt, banana (used blenders are very affordable!)
  • Buffalo chicken wrap (crispy chicken, hot sauce, and fixings in a tortilla)
  • Quinoa from the salad bar (will absorb any flavor, can add in chicken or salad dressing, hot sauce, etc.)
  • Garlic bread (toasted bread, butter, garlic powder from salad bar)
  • Quesadilla (apparently you can ask for quesadilla instead of a wrap at the sandwich bar)

We want to see your ideas, especially while creating your own healthy options at Trim! Take a photo and send us your Trimovation from October 1st through the 7th by following and sending an Instagram DM to @BabsonWellness, for your chance to win a gift card to Roche Bros!