In an age where we can swipe for pretty much anything, finding a therapist shouldn’t be that hard …right?

If you’ve been considering trying therapy, but don’t know where to start checkout Unmute- developed by Babson alums, they’re matching students to the right therapist for free.

3 Steps To Get Matched:

  1. Visit
  2. Take a quick survey
  3. Receive 5 personalized therapist recommendations from your Therabuddy

Unmute Therabuddies are REAL humans that not only match you to the right therapist, but also provide guidance to make therapy approachable. Therabuddies do the legwork in reaching out to your matches, confirming a therapist has availability and accepts your insurance.

If you’re ready to unmute the conversation about your mental health care, take the next step by checking out Unmute today!