It might be difficult to bring yourself to take a cold shower, especially during the below freezing temperatures in New England during the winter. A lot of us look forward to the warmth a hot shower provides as we start or end our day.

However, it is important to be aware of the benefits of taking both hot and cold showers.

Benefits of Hot Showers:

  • Provides relief from respiratory symptoms
  • Helps with blemishes
  • Helps with muscle relaxation

Benefits of Cold Showers:

  • Relaxes muscles and improves circulation
  • Protects your skin and hair
  • Makes you more alert and energetic
  • Relieves itchy skin

So, what’s better? Due to the benefits of both, experts suggest that balance is optimal. Cold showers are beneficial after working out, getting grime or dirt off, and as soon as you wake up. Hot showers are best to destress, if you are feeling sick, or if you take them 1-2 hours before sleeping. In fact, studies show that it is not so much about taking a cold shower over a hot one. Rather, the benefits arise from the transition between cold and hot water, and vice versa, mid shower. For example, starting your shower with at a warmer temperature and then switching to cold for the last 30 seconds can help relax your muscles and help you focus on heavy breathing. Speaking from personal experience, I have found that ending my shower at a cold temperature to be therapeutic.

Written By Minal Khona On March 19. “Cold Shower Vs. Hot Shower: Which Is The Better Option?” SkinKraft, 19 Mar. 2020,