Worried about remaining physically active this semester? With the BRAC operating at less than full capacity, there are other safe workout options available. Even a 10 minute dorm room workout can be a much needed stress reliever and energy boost. Check out these exercises and activities you can do safely this fall to stay active:

  • Get outdoors– Going for a run/walk off campus, hiking, or cycling can help you enjoy some fresh air while keeping your distance from others.
  • Participate in socially distant sports– socially distant sports like playing tennis or kicking a soccer ball with friends are great ways to stay active and have fun. Working out from your dorm– Although not ideal, there are plenty of full body workouts you can do inside your room.
  • Follow along with online exercise videos– Whether you enjoy yoga, cardio kickboxing, Pilates, strength training, barre, dance, or another type of workout, you can find a service that offers online videos. Many exercise studios and other community organizations are now providing on-demand virtual fitness content.
  • Challenge yourself– Set an exercise goal and make a plan to work toward achieving it, such as doing yoga five days per week or beating your best 5K time!


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